I carciofi di Albenga



Nutritional facts

  • energy 922 kJ / 223 kcal
  • fats 19 g
    • of which saturated 2,6 g
  • carbohydrates 8,3 g
    • of which sugars 0,1 g
  • fibers 4,2 g
  • proteins 2,6 g
  • salt 0,47 g

Storage conditions

  • Keep in a cool and dry place

Available packages

  • Fill weight 280 g
  • Drained weight 200 g


Product Details

Excellencies from Liguria Agnesi brings nature to the table with Artichokes in extra virgin olive oil. The peculiarity of the product is in the processing: thanks to the and small size and high quality of the raw material, our prickly artichokes fromg Albenga are only cleaned and stored in glass with olive oil to prevent the true flavor of the raw material to be covered, before being pasteurized.