Pasta: the ideal ally for a Mediterranean diet


In 100 grams of pasta we find about 360 kcal, of which 70% is in the form of complex carbohydrates and 10% is the proportion of protein, with very low fat content. In a plate of pasta, then, we find pure energy for our body!

Foundation of the so-called Mediterranean diet, pasta is essential for those who perform any physical activity; carbohydrates, in fact, work as an ecological fuel that leaves no wast in our bodies.

Recent scientific studies stress even more the main role of carbohydrates in a varied diet. Contrary to a false common saying, these are not, in fact, a cause for obesity. Even in diets with a focus on weight loss there must be the right amount of fats, proteins and… carbohydrates! The right balance of these three macronutrients can make a diet healthy. In the modern world, where there is an incessant rise of obesity and diabetes, pasta and other low-glycemic index foods are a precious ally in the control of glycemia and weight.

Source: AIDEPI